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Contact Lenses

Our doctors are experts in fitting contact lenses. We excel at hard to fit cases. We take pride in fitting patients who either were unsuccessful previously or told they could not wear contacts. We carry a huge selection of contacts.

Our doctors were innovators in gas permeable lenses and have extensive experience in fitting people with hard to fit eyes. If you have Keratoconus or need bi-focals in hard or soft lenses, we can help. Whether you want contacts in the newest color or hard to fit lenses, we have them. We have the largest inventory of diagnostic lens in the Bay Area. Many disposable contact lens have rebate coupons available that can save you from $10-$100. In most cases you can leave with your contacts on the day of your first visit.

Specialty contact lens manufactures have further developed advanced lens designs to treat the most challenging corneal conditions including: Keratoconus.Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, post surgical treatments, Ortho K ( CRT) and astigmatic multifocals.
Dr. Stamper is getting spectacular results with customized Scleral RGP and Hybrid lenses.  These lenses prevent the need for future surgery for nearly all patients that heave been successfully fit.
Stamper Optometry carries an inventory of over 100 custom diagnostic lenses our expert contact lens trainers and Doctors are able to expedite the fitting and evaluation process.
Our Doctors have over 70 years of contact lens fitting experience and welcome the most challenging hard to fit cases."

Our current Contact lens specialty inventory incudes ;

  • X-CEL

All soft lens design treats advanced astigmatism, Keratoconus and all irregular corneal conditions. Available as monthly and quarterly replacement/ available in 74 % silicone for maximum oxygen and comfort


Custom Hybrid design for all conditions including Multifocals /  6 month replacement
High oxygen with HD  RGP /soft lens material/ excellent comfort

  • Novakone 

All soft design treats Keratoconus and advanced astigmatism/annual replacement

  • SCLERAL and  Rigid gas permeables:       

Large diameter RGP for treatment for the most advanced corneal conditions.
Keratoconus, advanced astigmatism  and Pellucid Degeneration. Provides maximum oxygen and hydration  Plasma treated surface enhances comfort and reduces deposits .Annual replacement

      •   Atlantis/X-CEL
      •  Zen Lens/ Alden optics
      •  MSD/Blanchard
      •  Jupiter/  Visionary optics
      •  Europa/Visionary optics
      •  Maxim scleral/Acculens
  •   Rose K/Blanchard

For the regular cornea patient one day(dailies) single vision and multifocal disposables are great options for full or part time use for social and sports related activities without the need for glasses.

Dailies Total