Acuvue Advance Hydroclear

The ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ with HYDRACLEAR™ contact lens may be the ticket for both eye doctors and their patients. This is a contact lens that offers incredible comfort all day long and allows three times more oxygen to your corneas. This may be the lens to try if you have not been a satisfied contact lens wearer. In our contact lens practice this is rapidly becoming the lens of choice for our doctors. This contact lens is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The patient gets a contact lens that is extremely comfortable all day long, allows three times the oxygen to their corneas and gives clear crisp vision throughout the day. The chair time or in-office time is reduced because of the instant gratification. So the doctor and the patient are both happy. Clinical studies have shown this lens to be superior to the competition in comfort, clarity and reduced eye redness. The new ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ also has UV blocking properties incorporated into the contact. So if you are looking for the newest contact lens technology that could enable you to wear contact lenses throughout the day ask to be fit in the new ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ with HYDRACLEAR™.

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