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Introducing the NEW Crizal Avancé™ with Scotchgardâ„¢ Protector lenses – the AR lenses made to stay clean.

Crizal®, the #1 AR brand for Eye Care Professionals, and Scotchgard Protector, the #1 consumer brand in protection, have joined forces to give you the ultimate in cleanability and protection.  Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector lenses repel stains, dirt and smudges better than any other, making them the easiest to clean.  And, while many AR lenses offer an easy-to-clean surface when new, the effectiveness of this feature deteriorates over time, leaving the lenses difficult to clean.  Independent Lab tests prove Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector lenses start out the easiest to clean and stay that way over the life of the prescription.  For more information, please visit

Crizal lenses:  The Industry Standard
Since the introduction of the first Crizal lenses in 1997, Crizal Anti-Reflective (AR) lenses set the industry standard in aesthetics and performance.  Crizal lenses are specially designed using revolutionary integrated methods that combine anti-glare properties with industry-leading, double-sided scratch resistance.  This same technology has been applied to sunwear with Crizal Sun, the first anti-reflective designed specifically for sunwear lenses.  With Crizal Sun™, your sunwear lenses virtually eliminate discomforting backside glare and eyestrain for year-round outdoor protection.  For more information, visit

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Crizal Sapphire™ lenses with Scotchgard™ Protector – the Clearest No-Glare Lenses Ever Created

98% of No-Glare wearers will purchase a No-Glare lens for comfortable vision and aesthetics.1 This is why we created the most glare-free lenses — Crizal Sapphire lenses Scotchgard Protector.

Now, patients can enjoy the ultimate clarity of vision:

  • 50% less reflection than the best No-Glare lens on the market today for enhanced visual comfort and greater aesthetic appeal
  • The best scratch resistance for a lens which is more durable and eliminates visual distractions
  • The best cleanability so fingerprints, water and smudges easily wipe away
  • The best dust repellence so your lenses stay cleaner longer

But that’s not all. Crizal Sapphire lenses with Scotchgard Protector also incorporate Essilor’s proprietary scratch resistance technology and cleanability to build the ultimate No-Glare lens.


  • Superior No-Glare Performance – The key innovation of this product is enabled by the Enhanced Light Transmissionâ„¢ (ELT) System – a technology which maximizes light transmission through the lens by even further reducing glare and visible reflections. As a result, Crizal Sapphire lenses with Scotchgard Protector have 50% less reflection than the previous industry leader – Crizal Avancé™ with Scotchgard Protector.
  • Best Scratch Resistance – Crizal Sapphire lenses with Scotchgard Protector feature the SR Boosterâ„¢ layer. This technology raises the scratch resistance of Crizal Sapphire with Scotchgard Protector to a level unmatched by any competitor.
  • Unmatched Cleanability – Crizal Sapphire lenses with Scotchgard Protector utilize Essilor’s proprietary High Surface Densityâ„¢ (HSD) process to achieve the industry’s best cleanability with a contact angle of 116°.


Tough, durable, 2-sided lens coating.

The use of the nanocomposite technology has improved the scratch resistance of TD2 coated lenses against both light abrasion and deep scratching. This coating helps to protect your lenses from daily wear and tear.

The treatment that protects your backside 40 % The lenses returned for scratches are for scratches on the backside of the lens. Under normal wearing contitions scratches occur on both sides of the lens. Both sides of your lenses get dirty… both sides must be cleaned. Unfortunately, as you will discover, the cleaning process is abrasive and can cause scratches on both sides of your lenses.td2
TD2 technology allows for innovative uses. It is specifically formulated to optimize the scratch-resistance of each individual lens material. TD2 is tough TD2 intergrates glass-like silica particules into its polymer matrix. They impart a hardness and scratch-resistance that is superior to other scratch-resistant coatings available.

TD2 is Two sided TD2 is developed for consistency and effectiveness on both sides of the lens, no matter what design or material it protects. With TD2, both sides of the lens are coated for dependable and equal protection. TD2 is durable The ploymer matrix provides the flexibility required for the expansion and contraction of plastic lenses. If the hard coat is too rigid, any expansion, contraction or impact can crack the hard coat. TD2 creates a tough, yet flexible, protective layer by integrating the flexible ploymer matrix with the glass-like silica particules.For more information visit

Progressive Lenses


Since 1959, with the invention of the world’s first progressives, Varilux has innovated lens science to advance and set new standards of performance for vision and vision care for presbyopic patients.  A combination of two good things, technology and innovation, Varilux progressive lenses provide clear vision at all distances without the age-old and unsightly bifocal lines.  And with more than 300 million lenses sold worldwide, Varilux is the progressive lens brand that eye care professionals trust and recommend most. Varilux lenses are specifically designed for people over 40 who experience presbyopia – a condition in which near vision (needed when reading, sewing or working at the computer) becomes increasingly blurred with age.

Physio Enhanced Fit

Optimized for both the wearer’s prescription and position of wear, this latest innovative design unlocks new potential and raises Varilux Physio Enhancedâ„¢ performance, for the sharpest vision in any light condition and unmatched comfort in the near zone. This newest generation progressive lens incorporates W.A.V.E. Technology 2. This lens is more than just a tweaking of the Varilux Physio lens. Rather, it’s a brand new design that is digitally manufactured for enhanced accuracy and sharpness. These custom made lenses take more factors of the patient’s prescription into consideration, which results in a clearer vision at every distance. Some key points to consider: There is a wider field of vision than with the standard Varilux Physio lenses.There is less eye strain during low light reading, television, and computer usage.There is an ease of adaption for new progressive users.They are available in ultra thin, transitions, and non-reflective. Varilux enables you to see near, far and everything in-between and look fabulous at the same time. To find out more information about Varilux, please visit Dr Stamper offers Varilux Progressives and Physio Enhanced.  DEFINITYâ„¢ progressive lenses are the only PAL that utilizes DUAL ADD® Technology, a patented, dual-surface, offset design which provides several distinct optical advantages:  a wider intermediate zone, the least amount of peripheral distortion of any PAL and a unique zone of correction called GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGEâ„¢. GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE features a reduction in power which minimizes distortion and flattens the field of vision, giving wearers greater clarity when looking down. Another significant benefit of DUAL ADD and GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE is that these advantages become more pronounced as add power increases.  As a result, DEFINITY remains the right solution for presbyopes as they age. DEFINITY is the perfect lens for the active lifestyles of today’s presbyopes.  With the superior intermediate vision, DEFINITY makes computer use, driving or any other everyday activity more comfortable.  With clearer vision when looking down, DEFINITY makes going up and down stairs, playing golf or tennis, or navigating uneven surfaces easier. To find out more information about DEFINITY, please visit Varilux Physio f-360° enhances High Resolution Visionâ„¢ with the introduction of flexible wearing parameters. Taking into account pupillary distance, vertex distance, pantoscopic angle, wrap angle and fitting height, Physio f360° can be designed perfectly to each wearer’s exact requirements. Specific measuring devices are required to obtain the additional parameters. These five measurements can be taken using either Essilor’s Visioffice dispensing unit or by using the comprehensive hand held measuring tool specifically designed to assist the ordering of Physio f-360°. Varilux® Physio f-360°™ improves vision by reducing aberrations and customising the location of the Near Vision area on the lens, based on the patient’s refraction and individual wearing parameters. The patient benefits from a comfortable transition from far to near and enjoys better and more comfortable vision. Click here to learn more

Lens Materials

Airwear provides a unique combination of benefits that make it the ideal choice for today’s active lifestyles, and provides the wearer with superior comfort and performance.  Airwear lenses are 43% lighter and 10 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses, so they have the lightness and strength you need in a lens while also providing the enhanced comfort and cosmetic appearance you desire.

Airwear lenses are made from polycarbonate plastic—which is found everywhere from your car to your home to essential accessories such as eyeglasses that make our lives better. From DVDs and Apple iMacs to many aesthetic applications including eyeglass lenses, consumers want the technology of tomorrow, with the style of tomorrow, and polycarbonate does just that.

Airwear lenses are not only lighter in weight and thinner than traditional plastic lenses, they also offer scratch-resistance, ultraviolet protection and are very impact-resistant.  In fact, weight/lightness was rated as the most important quality of a lens in a recent consumer survey†.

For people who rely on their spectacles for daily use, having the right lens is paramount. The lenses must be comfortable yet robust enough to cope with all daily activities, from sport right through to driving. Click here to learn more

To find out more information about Airwear, please visit

Vision Care providers say 80% of their patients want more cosmetically appealing eyeglass lenses. Thin&Lite Lenses are made from high-index plastic resulting in a thinner, flatter more comfortable lens.

With a higher refractive index Thin&Lite lenses produce the same vision correction as a regular plastic lens but in a thinner and flatter lens—for improved appearance and better vision.

For a variety of consumers, including those with higher prescriptions and for popular rimless frame styles, Thin&Lite lenses offer improved performance and cosmetics thanks to the latest lens technology.

Thin&Lite lenses are available in Varilux progressive designs. A high quality anti-glare treatment, like Crizal Alizé, is recommended for Thin&Lite to make the most of your lens performance.

To find out more information about Thin&Lite please visit

Thin&Lite 1.74 is the most advanced high-index lens ever developed, providing superior optical performance for patients with mid-to-high-range prescriptions.

Features & Benefits

  • Technology and sophistication
  • Ultra thin and lightweight – up to 50% thinner and 50% lighter than standard 1.50-index plastic lenses.
  • The flattest lens available – for myopes, up to three times flatter than standard 1.50-index lenses.
  • The best of all technologies- materials, design (Varilux), and AR lens treatment (Crizal family of products).

First 1.74 refractive index in the U.S.! Thin&Lite 1.74 represents Essilor’s absolute latest technology for the thinnest, flattest and most cosmetically appealing ever developed for mid to high index prescription wearers. And because Thin&Lite 1.74 systematically includes Crizal Alizé and is compartible with Varilux Panamic, it uniquely delivers the best of all technologies – material, design and coating.

Thin&Lite 1.67 are higher-performing lenses for all prescriptions; thinner and ideal for rimless eyewear. A very large product range is available…Thin&Lite 1.67 is the only high-index available with most Varilux designs: Varilux Physio, Varilux Panamic, Varilux Comfort and Varilux Ellipse. It is available in a large SV stock range including Crizal Alize and Transitions.

Every patient wants a thinner, lighter lens. That’s why we offer you Essilor’s Thin&Lite 1.67. It is 50% thinner than a 1.50 index lens. And combined with Crizal lenses, it means you can offer your patients crystal-clear vision.


High-index materials inherently offer a host of patient benefits, from performance to aesthetics to comfort.

  • Improved visual acuity.
    Aspheric design creates sharp vision in a thinner, flatter lens.
  • Enhanced cosmetic appearance.
    Thinner profile is more attractive and reduces the magnification of the eye in plus lenses.
  •   Increased wearer comfort.
    Lighter weight lens is easy to wear all day.

†Source: Jobson Optical Research Vision Watch September 2005.

Sun Glass Lenses

The world’s leader in ophthalmic lenses and the world’s leader in photochromic lenses team up to offer the widest range of innovative designs and materials with unsurpassed photochromic technology.  Transitions lenses change from clear to dark in the presence of ultraviolet light, and block 100% of harmful UV rays.  They offer all the benefits of clear lenses indoors, while providing the most convenient way to help protect against UV rays and glare in all light conditions.  Transitions lenses provide a new standard of lens performance, and they are available in Essilor’s full range of lens designs and materials.  Combine Transitions lenses with Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard, and you can offer your customers the ultimate clarity and performance — along with the UV protection they need to promote healthy vision.

When you combine Essilor lenses with Transitions lenses, you choose visual quality, visual comfort and convenient protection with these performance features:

  • As clear as regular clear lens indoors
  • Fast to activate & fast to fade back
  • As dark as most sunglasses outside in bright light
  • Block 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Even clearer with an anti-reflective coating
  • Reduce the effects of glare and reduce eye fatigue
  • Offers the right tint at the right time in changing light

XTRActive Series

Transitions XTRActive lenses are the best everyday Transitions lenses for extra darkness at all temperatures.

Unique lens features include a slight tint when indoors, a very dark tint when outdoors and a slight activation behind the windshield of a car, which is dependent on windshield shape and inclination as well as the position of the driver.

Transitions XTRActive lenses outperform Transitions VI lenses as the darkest everyday lenses available in the Transitions Optical family, especially in hot temperatures. Transitions XTRActive lenses achieve 80% tint vs. Transitions VI lenses which reach 73% tint at 95°F (35°C).

To find out more information about Transitions Lenses, please visit


Xperio is a new brand of polarized lense that bring together the very best industry-leading designs and knowledge from Essilor. All lenses that carry the Xperio name meet or exceed Essilors rigorous performance standards. Much more than standard sun lensesStandard sun lenses reduce light while Xperio™ Polarising lenses reduce glare caused by light reflection. Glare occurs when natural light waves hit reflective surfaces such as pavement, windshields, snow and water.
Glare can be very harsh to unprotected eyes, and can alter perception of shape, colour and contrast.

New protection against glare

A large amount of light entering the eye comes from sunlight being reflected off smooth horizontal surfaces such as water, snow, ice, wet
road surfaces, windshields etc. this causes a certain amount of glare, reduces contrast and alters our perception of colour and shape. Xperioâ„¢ Polarising lenses are designed to cut out glare by minimising reflected light through the use of a special polarising filter. Unlike standard sun lenses, Xperioâ„¢ Polarising lenses only let useful light through.

For Sports
Particularly useful for water sports (such as sailing and fishing) and winter sports. Whenever the eyes are under constant stress from sun-light
reflected off flat surfaces (water, snow, and ice).

For Protection
For light-sensitive eyes, particularly for older people and those who have had ocular surgery (refractive or cataract), who need maximum

For better vision during outdoor activities in the sun
Ideal for all spectacle wearers

  • Myopic, hyperopic and astigmatic correction wearers
  • Any customer looking for high performance sun lenses
  • Any customer participating in outdoors activities or with light-sensitive eyes

Suitable for all frame types

  • Xperioâ„¢ Polarising lenses can be fitted in all frame types. Essilor recommends Airwear Polarising lenses for rimless frames

For Driving
Xperioâ„¢ Polarising lenses offer increased safety. They eliminate glare off wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars.

For Greater Comfort
In both summer and winter, wearers can rediscover the pleasure of better vision under all circumstances with Xperioâ„¢ Polarising lenses. Colours appear more vibrant and once wearers have tried these lenses, they will not want anything else.


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