Rudy Project

Rudy Project Technical Performance Sunglasses are geared for active sporting! From adjustable nosepads and temples to interchangeable lenses to manage any light condition, Rudy Project Sunglasses continue to be a favorite among athletes worldwide. So for everything from bicycling to playing baseball to competing in triathlons or marathons, the Rudy Project Technical Performance line has the features needed to help you perform at your peak!

In recent years, more and more athletes needing prescription performance eyewear have discovered and embraced our Rx Solutions making Rudy Project one of the fastest growing Rx Sport solutions companies in the world. In past years, Eye Care Professionals, choices in Rx able sports eyewear were limited to a handful of large companies. Rudy Project has certainly shaken things up lately offering a wide array of Performance and Casual sunglasses that can easily be Rxed. And starting this year, Rudy offers a wide array of ophthalmic frames for stylish casual wear. Each solution has different benefits to meet the needs for a wide array of athletes and activities.

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