Sports and Safety Eyewear

Sports eyewear:

Over 30,000 sports related eye injuries are reported annually. Many of these could have been prevented. These can often lead to sight-threatening problems and blindness. Remember that many of these injuries occur in children. The top 7 sports with the highest rate of injury include: baseball and softball, basketball, swimming activities, football, unspecified ball sports, soccer and racquet sports. These injuries are caused from direct contact with balls, or fingers and elbows of other athletes. Younger children are especially at risk since their hand/eye coordination and reaction time is not mature yet
Although many of these sports require helmets and face guards, this does not always protect the eyes (and can even lead to a false sense of security). Adding sports goggles to an athletes uniform will help protect their eyesight from these potential hazards. If the child wears eyeglasses already, these are not appropriate for the type of sports mentioned above because they are not made of materials approved for sports. There are many brands and styles of sports goggles available in non-prescription and prescription for both children and adults. The recommended lenses are made from polycarbonate. This is a type of plastic that is impact resistant, and it has 100% UV protection (although it is clear) and comes with scratch-resistant coating. Although there is nothing that can prevent all sports-related eye injuries, wearing sports goggles can significantly reduce the likelihood and severity of an accident. The sports goggles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are specialized, and some may be used for a variety of sports. Don’t become a statistic. Keep your eyes and your children’s eyes protected!
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Safety glasses:

Many occupations require safety glasses for their employees. These are required to meet U.S. safety standards. The frames must be marked as safety frames, and the lenses must have a special laser marking distinguishing them as safety lenses. These safety glasses can be ordered from Beckman Optometry. Remember to bring a copy of your employer’s requirements, such as with or without side shields and any special styles required, so we may serve you better. In addition to safety eyewear required for employment, it is also important to remember safety goggles for yard work, hobbies, and working around the house. Sawdust, metal particles, plant trimmings, rocks, and sticks are common sources of eye injuries that occur at home. Prevent these injuries with inexpensive protective eyewear.

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